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18 lucrative businesses you can start from rural areas in Nigeria

One of the hindrances that stop people from starting a business apart from capital is a lack of business ideas. It is even possible for you to have money to start a business, but once you don’t have a good business idea, your money will just remain idle wherever you keep it. Getting an idea of the type of business you can start isn’t difficult, but there are some things you need to factor in such as the type of audience your business will be serving among many other things. I have therefore put together this list so you can easily see the business idea that will be easy for you to start. 18 lucrative businesses you can start from rural areas in Nigeria  1. Egg Supply and Distribution It's a good idea to have eggs available for distribution. You can also own a poultry farm, which will make it easier. You could supply eggs to both retailers and hotels. Eggs are a good source of animal protein and can be eaten daily. Other than that, eggs are used to make cosmetics, soaps, conf

Business Ideas For Dummies

Do you think or feel you're a dummy? If that is what you think, then I want to disagree with you. Everyone was a dummy at some stage of life when it comes to business.  You might want to start your own business but you think you need to go to a business school before you can start up a successful business. That is false again! In this article, I want to highlight 5 different business ideas for a dummy (Someone with no business degree but has the mindset of an entrepreneur). This article is going to be a lengthy one as I'll be highlighting different things you need to know regarding businesses you can start as a dummy. Business Ideas for dummies Below is the list of business ideas you can use to make money Janitorial Business Social Media Manager Child care service Website designer Youtuber Blogger Janitorial Business This line of business is very lucrative in places like Lagos and Abuja. A lot of people are always busy from Monday to Saturday. Most of them only find time for th

How To Become The Biggest Shoe Manufacturer In Nigeria Within One Year

 There is a popular saying among Nigerians "Warri No dey carry last " this simply means that Nigerians are known for their strong will when it comes to being successful at what they do. A Nigerian is known to bring something out of nothing even amid limited resources within his reach. In today's article, we'll be discussing how to become the biggest shoe manufacturer in Nigeria within one year as a nobody. This article is channelled to shoemakers who want to be successful in their business. Over the years there has been a rising demand for customized shoes by Nigerians who want something classic that can go well with their dresses. The popular one among them is the Ankara dress that is mostly used by both males and females. Shoemakers are now coming up with wonderful designs using fabric materials. Most Nigerians are known for paparazzi in weddings and occasions as this has become a popular norm in the Nigerian society of today. We have seen children learning the craf