Nigerian Afrobeats Sensation Rema Opens Up About Long-Sightedness

 Nigerian Afrobeats Sensation Rema Opens Up About Long-Sightedness

In a recent interview at the 2024 Brit Awards in London, popular Nigerian Afrobeats artist Rema, whose real name is Divine Ikubor, revealed a previously undisclosed secret about himself. The singer shared that he suffers from long-sightedness, a condition that makes it difficult for him to focus on objects up close. Rema explained that he relies on glasses to aid his vision.

During the interview, Rema was asked by the host to share something about himself that he had never revealed before. In response, the artist openly admitted his struggle with long-sightedness, shedding light on a personal aspect of his life that he had kept private until now.

In a separate music-related revelation, renowned Nigerian music producer Moses Philip Kayode, better known as Pheelz, shared a significant turning point in his career. Pheelz explained that his decision to transition from being a producer to a recording artist was inspired by a tweet from Rema during the COVID-19 shutdown.

The tweet, which read, "The world is on pause for you to catch up," struck a chord with Pheelz. He interpreted the message as a personal call to action, motivating him not to let his talents go to waste. This pivotal moment propelled Pheelz to embark on a new musical journey, where he would not only produce but also record his own music.

Rema's revelation about his long-sightedness and Pheelz's account of the impact Rema had on his career highlight the personal struggles and transformative experiences that shape the lives of these talented Nigerian musicians.

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