Price of Pure Water Skyrockets in Nigeria, Posing Hardship for Consumers

Price of Pure Water Skyrockets to #100 each , Posing Hardship for Consumers in Nigeria

Date: March 5, 2024

In a concerning development, the cost of pure water, a vital resource for Nigerians, is on the rise, further burdening consumers already grappling with the escalating cost of living. The Association of Table Waters Producers of Nigeria recently announced the possibility of increasing the price of a sachet of pure water to N100, citing mounting production expenses and other challenges.

The association attributes the price hike to the soaring costs of production materials, such as nylon, which have witnessed a threefold increase in just one week. Additionally, the high price of diesel and the unreliable power supply have compounded the financial strain on water producers. These factors have made it difficult for them to absorb the rising costs without passing them on to consumers.

Clementina Ativie, the president of the association, expressed concerns about the situation, highlighting the financial burden faced by water producers. She revealed that many producers are funding their pure water factories from personal savings or borrowed money since banks are reluctant to provide loans to the industry. Ativie emphasized the necessity of ensuring that pure water remains affordable for ordinary Nigerians, as she fears the consequences if it becomes unattainable.

The increase in the price of pure water adds to the challenges faced by Nigerian households, who are already struggling with rising prices of essential commodities like rice and beans, as well as the cost of petrol. This development further strains the budgets of average Nigerians, who are now seeking alternative sources of water, such as borehole or well water, to cope with the financial pressures.

As of March 4, 2024, a bag of pure water is being sold for at least N400, while a 75cl bottle of water is priced at N200. However, it should be noted that prices may vary in establishments like hotels, eateries, gardens, and event locations.

The Association of Table Waters Producers of Nigeria urges consumers to be patient and promises to work towards preventing the price of pure water from exceeding N20 per sachet. The situation highlights the urgent need for measures to address the challenges faced by water producers and ensure the availability of affordable and quality water for all Nigerians. The government and relevant stakeholders are called upon to intervene and find sustainable solutions to this growing issue, which directly affects the well-being of the Nigerian population.

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