Peter Obi Voices Concern Over Professor Seeking Support for SA Role

 Peter Obi Voices Concern Over Professor Seeking Support for SA Role

*Former Anambra Governor, Peter Obi, has expressed deep concerns over the deteriorating working conditions faced by university lecturers in Nigeria. Obi shared a poignant incident involving a university professor who implored him to advocate for an appointment as a Special Adviser (SA) to a House of Representatives candidate.*

*The reason for this unusual request, as revealed by Obi, was the financial disparity between serving as an SA and a professor. He emphasized the unfortunate reality that a professor, despite achieving the zenith of their academic career, now earns only 10% of their salary from 14 years ago due to inflation.*

*In a statement via his X handle, Obi stressed the vital role of the education sector in nation-building and called for a committed workforce to address the challenges faced by educators. He conducted a comparative salary analysis, highlighting the alarming decrease in real income over the years.*

*This revelation underscores systemic issues within the Nigerian education system, demanding urgent attention to safeguard the welfare of educators and ensure the sector's overall health.*

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