Police Officers in Taraba State Rewarded for Rejecting N8.5 Million Bribe from Suspected Bandit

 Police Officers in Taraba State Rewarded for Rejecting N8.5 Million Bribe from Suspected Bandit

Taraba State, Nigeria - In a remarkable display of integrity and commitment to their duty, four police officers in Taraba State have been commended and rewarded for refusing an N8.5 million bribe from a suspected bandit. The officers, who were conducting a routine stop and search operation, apprehended the bandit and resolutely declined the bribe offered to them.

The officers' exemplary conduct caught the attention of the State Commissioner of Police, David Iloyalonomo, who personally recognized and rewarded them at the Taraba State Police Command Headquarters. Commissioner Iloyalonomo expressed his intention to recommend the officers for promotion and national recognition to the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, in recognition of their unwavering dedication to upholding the values of the Nigeria Police Force.

During an interaction with journalists, one of the officers involved, Ngamarju Gambo, explained that their commitment to fighting corruption and maintaining peace in the country motivated their decision to reject the bribe. They emphasized that engaging in corrupt practices was contrary to the core values of the police force.

The four officers, identified as Inspr Difference Tih, Inspr Ngamarju Gambo, Inspr Usman Haruna, and Cpl Zarudeen Mamuda, are now poised for potential promotion and national recognition for their exemplary conduct.

In addition to their commendable act of refusing the bribe, the officers' efforts have also contributed to an ongoing investigation. The suspected bandit, along with his accomplices, is actively cooperating with the police in uncovering a series of past kidnapping incidents. Once the investigation is concluded, the suspects will face charges in court for multiple offenses, including kidnapping, banditry, and attempting to bribe a law enforcement officer.

This incident serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of integrity and professionalism within law enforcement agencies, as well as the dedication of officers to maintain justice and security within their communities.

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