Nollywood Actress Reveals Willingness to Marry a Homosexual Man

 Nollywood Actress Reveals Willingness to Marry a Homosexual Man

Nollywood actress, has revealed she can marry a G@y man

According to reports, a rising Yoruba actress expressed her openness to marrying a gay man during an interview on her colleague's YouTube show, Talk To B. Seyi, the actress in question, emphasized that she would consider marrying a gay man as long as he is honest about his sexual orientation.

Seyi pointed out that many gay men keep their sexuality a secret and desire to have children, which leads them to marry and conceal their true identity from their partners. She added that she wouldn't necessarily engage in sexual relations with her gay partner, as they could explore options like surrogacy or in vitro fertilization (IVF) to have children.

In unrelated news, Bisola Aiyeola, a reality TV star-turned-Nollywood actress, discussed how becoming a mother has influenced her choices when selecting movie roles. Aiyeola explained that she is cautious about the roles she takes in the Nollywood industry because of her daughter.

As her daughter grows older, Aiyeola believes that the movie roles she portrays could have either a positive or negative impact on her child. The actress emphasized that she prioritizes her daughter and has been patient in navigating her career while considering her child's well-being.

During an interview with Pulse, Aiyeola expressed her commitment to placing her daughter first, regardless of the circumstances.

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